Sierra Water Gardens
Other Pond Pets

Bullfrog Tadpoles - Not Available! Bullfrogs are invasive to the Reno/Tahoe Area and we no longer sell these in an effort to help cut down on their population in the area!

Trapdoor Snails - Check back in Spring 2016! Trapdoor snails help keep ponds clean. They eat algae, left over fish food, and other dead organic material. When they are picked up or pestered they close the trapdoor on the bottom of their shell.

 RedRed •  Hi-Fin Shark - Check back in Spring 2016! This fish is a strict algae eater! They are a great addition to your Koi pond and help keep it clean! 6" - 8" $41.99

Gold Channel Catfish - Check back in Spring 2016! We carry Albino Cafish. They are yellow which makes them easy to spot on the bottom of your pond. They will eat algae in your pond, but can learn to come up an eat koi food. These are only to put in your lined pond! Do not put these in public waterways!

• Rosy Red Minnows -  Check back in 2016! These are good to add to water bowls and ponds. They eat mosquito eggs that are layed in standing water.