Sierra Water Gardens
Plants for Water Gardening

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We carry a large selection of water plants ranging from marginals, tubers, hardy, and tropical. Stop by to see our latest shipments.


→ Water Lilly (tropical and hardy)
→ Parrot's Feather
→ Hornwort
→ Lotus
→ Mare's Tail
→ Mosaic Plant
→ Papyrus
→ Water Lettuce
→ Water Marigold
→ Cattails
→ Lobelia
→ Lizards Tail
→ Pickerel Rush
→ Iris

→ Canna
→ Water Hawthorne

→ Lotus
→ Mondo Grass
→ Corkscrew Rush
→ Horsetail Rush
→ Taro
→ Society Garlic
→ And so much more!!!!!




Check out our Lily tub!!


Special Plant Care information:

Lotus Care Sheet
Over-wintering Tropical Waterlilies