Sierra Water Gardens
Vertical Gardens: We sell Woolly Pockets (indoor/outdoor)

Pictured: Wooly Pockets in our Green House at Sierra Water Gardens designed and planted by Nathan Brown of Buds & Blooms in Reno, NV

Have you noticed the vertical gardening trend? We have and love it so much! We were trying to think of ways to decorate certain parts of our fence and discovered Woolly Pockets! We have two sizes and two colors. The larger Woolly Pockets are $40 each and they come in Green or Brown. The Mini Woolly Pocket is $18 each. 

Pictured: Nathan Brown or Buds & Blooms and Samantha Stremmel of Sierra Water Gardens

Four Woolly Pockets planted and designed by Nathan Brown of Buds and Blooms

Also if you don't want to drop $40 on a Woolly Pocket, they also make a plastic version that is $26 and works very well and also will not leak all over. We have these in White and Brown. They don't look plastic when planted and mounted on a wall. The white looks very nice on a white wall. Here are two we planted and mounted on our shop doors: