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Container Gardening - Water Bowls

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If you don't have a pond, but would love the sound of running water then we have large ceramic water bowls where you can put little fish, lilies, and a pump. Container gardening with water bowls is a lot of fun because you get to use unique plants that you don't see very often. Water bowls do not waste water. We top off the water bowls every day or so to keep the level up, just like you would water a regular flower pot. In fact water bowls are great for your local fauna like birds, bees and other animals that might need a water source. In the shade you can have a beautiful water bowl with large water plants resembling elephant ears, or in the sun you can have large blooming tropical lilies that make a statment.  We carry bamboo accents and bamboo spitters for your water bowl! 

Mosquitoes are a legitimate concern with standing water. Three ways to eliminate this concern is to get a little pump that moves the water, use mosquito dunks to kill the larvea, or put little minnows in the water to eat the larvae. Depending on the size of you bowl and how much maintenance you want determines the method of mosquito elimination. 


To winterize your water bowl make sure to drain the bowl and turn it upside down or store it in a place that will not freeze. Plants that are hardy can get tucked away in a garage where they can stay damp and not freeze. Tropical lilies will have to be thrown away unless you want to try overwintering them like a potato. Other tropicals like Papyrus, Canna, or Taro can be brought in as a house plant for the winter and put back out in your water bowl when the weather permits in the spring.