Garden Resources

We can help you build your garden at home. Check out these DIY Sections and tips.


Water Ponds - where we started

If you don't have a pond, but would love the sound of running water then we have large ceramic water bowls where you can put little fish, lilies, and a pump. Container gardening with water bowls is a lot of fun because you get to use unique plants that you don't see very often. Water bowls do not waste water. We top off the water bowls every day or so to keep the level up, just like you would water a regular flower pot. In fact water bowls are great for your local fauna like birds, bees and other animals that might need a water source. In the shade you can have a beautiful water bowl with large water plants resembling elephant ears, or in the sun you can have large blooming tropical lilies that make a statement.  




We carry many varieties of succulents!! We have a Plant Bar where you can create your own and we also offer some great classes working with Succulents.

We have created a care sheet for your Succulents at home, click the button below to open and download.



Air Plants

With a little bit of extra work and care you can have this fun plant in your home! We love these so much because they are a great accent plant for your home or patio. 

We have created a care sheet for your Air Plants at home, click the button below to open and download.



Bamboo grows very well in Reno's harsh climate.
It seems Reno has random weather extremes and the bamboo we have planted at Sierra Water Gardens has managed to thrive through all of it. Our bamboo grows as a hedge in the front and in the back along our fences.  (photo at the bottom of this page) In one year since bringing the bamboo back to life with lots of watering the stalks have doubled in size and number. The bamboo we carry and sell is cold tolerant from 0 degrees to -4 degrees and some varieties are down to -20 degrees.

We have found that bamboo takes lots of water to get established but then can be watered regularly like normal shrubs and trees. When it is particularly hot and dry during the summer make sure your bamboo gets extra water. Also when we have a dry winter make sure to give the bamboo a little water to help it survive. Bamboo is evergreen so it is nice to have in the cold winter months, but does shed a bit creating a little mess. 

Bamboo can be planted directly in the ground or in a container. It does very well in both. We carry both types of bamboo clumping and spreading. The spreading bamboo doesn't seem to spread very much on our property because we don't water the walkways near the hedges and immediately cut off any runners. If you want to plant bamboo next to a lawn or heavily watered area we recommend putting liner down at least 4 ft deep.