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Kate Cotter and Eric Andersen

Kate Cotter is a Reno native whose ethereal voice, poetic craftsmanship, and off-beat sense of humor has earned her a loyal following. As the arts editor from the local weekly describes her: “It is the rare artist who can weave metaphor-rich lyrics, haunting vocals and catchy melodies into something that is neither self-serious nor sticky-sweet, something that falls on the indie side of pop and well-groomed side of folk.” Although reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, and at times drawing comparisons to Imogen Heap, Sarah McLachlan, and Dido, Cotter’s breathy voice has its own hypnotic charm.

Eric Andersen's music embraces the modern era, yet recalls a classic vibe, in a world where so much of what we hear is intentionally commercial and lacking integrity. Eric’s songs are carefully crafted musically and poetically, and will take you on a journey, stimulating every possible emotion – they are intimate but still epic, sophisticated, yet relatable.

Later Event: June 10
Mel Wade & Gia