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We have and sell everything: pumps, liner, bacteria, skimmers, treatments, lighting, and more! If we don't have exactly what you need our shipments come in the very next day. We cater to the Do It Yourself clients, but we can also recommend a good pond building service if you need someone to fix or build a pond or waterfall.  We have a small shop in the front of the store where we sell the supplies, treatment, and koi food.

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Pond Plants

We carry a large selection of water plants ranging from marginals, tubers, hardy, and tropical. Stop by to see our latest shipments.

Water Lilly (tropical and hardy)    |    Parrot's Feather    |    Hyacinth    |    Anacharis
Hornwort    |    Lotus    |    Mare's Tail    |    Mosaic Plant    |    Papyrus    |    Water Lettuce
Water Marigold    |    Cattails    |    Lobelia   |    Lizards Tail    |   Pickerel Rush    |    Iris
Pennywort    |   Canna    |   Water Hawthorne    |   Lotus    |    Mondo Grass    |    Corkscrew Rush
Horsetail Rush    |    Taro    |    Society Garlic    |    And so much more!!!!!




Domestic Koi and Butterfly Koi (Available for Sale) from Blue Ridge in North Carolina. We order the top grade koi and quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival at Sierra Water Gardens. Goldfish also available from Blue Ridge: Orandas, Ryukin, Shubunkin, and Ranchu.

Purchasing and Bringing Home Your New Koi

It is a good idea to introduce a new fish into your pond at least every year or two as a way of simply “rejuvenating” the pond system with new biology, color, and personality.

Before You Buy

Purchasing a Koi begins with an overall examination of how the Koi as a whole are kept. Do the fish seem healthy, are they lively and active? What is the quality of the water (as this is the source of Koi health) and what measures are taken to make sure the facilities remain contaminant free? Are the fish handled lightly and without stress or flopped into the viewing bowl ten at a time? Take a closer look at the Koi. Are there any ulcerated or untreated Koi for sale? Even ask the dealer about their quarantine procedures and how they have treated new fish before they are sold. If you purchase your fish from a temperature controlled indoor facility in the cooler spring months, make sure that the temperature differential between their water and yours is no more than six or seven degrees so as not to fatally shock your new Koi in colder water.

Choosing the Koi

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, and the Koi you buy should ultimately be one that you enjoy looking at and that will be a nice fit in your pond. Koi are meant to be viewed from the top, against a surface of high contrast, usually blue. When viewing the Koi you have decided to inspect more closely, look for blemishes that often go overlooked, such as split or rotting fins. If you are looking at a Tategoi, or a small Koi with potential, know that what you see isn’t what you’ll most likely get by the time the Koi is a Sashi Seigyo, or mature, as colors change depending on a number of conditions. If it were to come down to beauty or health, if it weren’t possible to have both in a Koi, always choose health.

Introducing Your New Koi

In an ideal situation a Koi keeper has his or her own quarantine facilities at home where the Koi can be treated and adapted to new water conditions before being introduced to the pond of resident fish. However, this is a luxury for which many pond keepers do not have space or resource and as a result the Koi must be introduced to the pond as a whole from the beginning. To begin this process, place the bagged fish in your pond until the temperature of the water in the bag is the same as that of your pond. Next, remove the rubber bands from the bag and carefully add your pond water to the water in the bag so that the fish may adjust to any change in pH. Let the bag sit for another thirty minutes. Lastly, remove the fish from the bag and place it in your pond, making sure that the water in the bag does not go into the pond.

It is important to understand that the water conditions where the Koi has been are completely different than the conditions where the Koi is going. Having grown accustomed particular stresses and different levels of bacteria in one environment it can be quite a shocking adjustment for a volatile creature to enter new waters. All Koi carry with them bacteria, some if it bad, most of it negligible, and some carry parasites, which are all bad. Therefore, all ponds that have fish have bacteria (but not necessarily parasites). The metaphor used is that of a kindergarten classroom—at the beginning of the year all of the students share in the same illnesses and eventually become accustomed to the same communicable diseases…but when a new student is added later in the year, everybody gets sick all over again. This is no different with Koi, and as such we recommend that pond keepers perform a three day ProForm-C treatment on the entire pond and continue with their Koizyme maintenance program after introducing a new fish.


Other Pond Pets

Bullfrog Tadpoles - Not Available! Bullfrogs are invasive to the Reno/Tahoe Area and we no longer sell these in an effort to help cut down on their population in the area!

• Trapdoor Snails - Trapdoor snails help keep ponds clean. They eat algae, left over fish food, and other dead organic material. When they are picked up or pestered they close the trapdoor on the bottom of their shell.

• Hi-Fin Shark - This fish is a strict algae eater! They are a great addition to your Koi pond and help keep it clean! 6" - 8" $41.99

• Gold Channel Catfish - We carry Albino Catfish. They are yellow which makes them easy to spot on the bottom of your pond. They will eat algae in your pond, but can learn to come up an eat koi food. These are only to put in your lined pond! Do not put these in public waterways!

• Rosy Red Minnows  These are good to add to water bowls and ponds. They eat mosquito eggs that are laid in standing water.

Ponds Services

We do not do any pond visits, on-site consultations or pond cleaning! 
Please try some of the following people who can make a home visit to your pond for your consultation, repair or cleaning:

Archie Samples, A Perfect Pond: 775-772-7874
Aaron Penrod, A&P Landscape: 775-322-9631
Liquid Landscapes: 775-856-3061
Streamscapes: 530-362-0520