Pond Resources

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We used to sell everything: pumps, liner, bacteria, skimmers, treatments, lighting, and more! If we don't have exactly what you need our shipments come in the very next day. We would cater to the Do It Yourself clients, but we can also recommend a good pond building service if you need someone to fix or build a pond or waterfall.  

For more information on how to build your own pond, click below.



Pond Plants

We used to carry a large selection of water plants ranging from marginals, tubers, hardy, and tropical. Stop by to see our latest shipments.

Water Lilly (tropical and hardy)    |    Parrot's Feather    |    Hyacinth    |    Anacharis
Hornwort    |    Lotus    |    Mare's Tail    |    Mosaic Plant    |    Papyrus    |    Water Lettuce
Water Marigold    |    Cattails    |    Lobelia   |    Lizards Tail    |   Pickerel Rush    |    Iris
Pennywort    |   Canna    |   Water Hawthorne    |   Lotus    |    Mondo Grass    |    Corkscrew Rush
Horsetail Rush    |    Taro    |    Society Garlic    |    And so much more!!!!!

Ponds Services

We do not do any pond visits, on-site consultations or pond cleaning! 
Please try some of the following people who can make a home visit to your pond for your consultation, repair or cleaning:

Archie Samples, A Perfect Pond: 775-772-7874
Aaron Penrod, A&P Landscape: 775-322-9631
Liquid Landscapes: 775-856-3061
Streamscapes: 530-362-0520